Fashionable beauty armour, send a woman not Yo is infecund

.hzh {display: none; } Fingernail oneself has protector to pledge, beautiful shell can destroy his, easy infection bacterium. Fingernail oily itself is harmful to health, can cause even infecund. Nowadays, the love belle sex that pursues style not less likes beautiful shell, this made a kind of popular trend gradually. So, can long-term beauty armour […]

The woman is secret why briefs has strange taste

The private parts after the female enters adolescence always is met damp, BriefsGo up from now on no longer clean, either transparent achromatic secretion is the ivory secretion like cheese, still take slightly sometimes yellow, redness of skin, Brown, though at ordinary times odour of it doesn’t matter, but lie between 9 days not to […]

Middleaged female should notice filling calcium

The female arrived after certain age, hormone can produce change, especiallyMenopauseLaterEstrogenReduce, affect calcic absorption, also affected the building of bone. Will tell to grown woman, the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year with qualitative calcium is most let poll ache, is senile woman short of calcium after all what to harm you […]

Small doohickey of female winter warm body

City female (female food) because move (athletic food) the quantity is little, function of intestines and stomach drops, haemal circulation function becomes poor, the situation that because this blood cannot be connected,reachs body limb is very general, winter nature feels the person of iciness of hands or feet is increasing also. After get to the […]

Female health care: Pregnant woman not enters 4 big errors with medicine

The error is pregnant cannot take medicine .hzh {display: none; } Some pregnant woman suffer fromCold, DiarrhoeaWhen, think pregnancy cannot take medicine to reject to take medicine oneself. Actually, refuse to obey after disease medicine, can make ailment leads to a serious illness, go against instead prepotent. After pregnant woman is ill reasonable with medicine […]

The two agents of woman of the turn of life are formulary

The turn of life (food of the turn of life) the female can appear normallySuspicious, be agitated, do not wish to do housework to wait a symptom a moment, intellectual female (female food) especially such. Zhengzhou university the 2nd accessary hospitalZheng Ying of professor of department of gynaecology and obstetrics gives these at this point […]

Young woman eats brown sugar more healthful

White sugar and the brown sugar cannot be mentioned in the same breath that have ethical distinguishing feature. Brown sugar contains cane sugar 95% the left and right sides, color shows dark yellow or Gong Zong scene, it is the sugar that with our country tradition craft produces, originate in Zhejiang, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou to […]

A day how many times is quickening normal?

I am an accurate mom, is wanting to know normal quickening what kind of? A day how many times is quickening normal? .hzh {display: none; } All use computation of 12 hours of quickening domestic and internationally at present, secure time early, mediumly, late to measure 1 hour quickening to count each namely, 3 times […]