A day how many times is quickening normal?

I am an accurate mom, is wanting to know normal quickening what kind of? A day how many times is quickening normal? .hzh {display: none; } All use computation of 12 hours of quickening domestic and internationally at present, secure time early, mediumly, late to measure 1 hour quickening to count each namely, 3 times […]

Period sanitary towel uses 5 points

The female hour of period wants to be contacted intimately with sanitary towel, attention, period sanitary towel uses 5 points to want to remember well. .hzh {display: none; }    Diligent changes Change, still answer more diligent The expert says: “Via there is rich nutrient material in blood, easy become a bacterium to be caused […]

Before woman of the turn of life sleeps, abstain from

One avoid faces before sleeping, take food: Face the thing has before sleeping, gastric bowel, liver, lienal wait for an organ to be about to continue to busy, affect them to rest not only, also make pallium is in charge of the functional area excitement of digestion, the person often arises after fall asleepNightmare. .hzh […]

Adolescent female how health care?

Woman vagina is the passageway of menstrual eduction, be sexual intercourse admit an organ, also be the way that fetal childbirth gives, because this should notice sanitation particularly. Because female external genital organs is tectonic relatively complex, because the ruffle is too much, easier shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, additional vulva road junction […]

The puerpera is prandial the 4 big treasure that eat surely

(One) pig blood: Human body is contained in pig blood cannot little inorganic salt, wait like sodium, calcic, phosphor, Potassium, zinc, copper, iron, especially pig blood contains iron to abound, iron is contained to measure 45 milligram in every 100 grams, almost 2 times taller than pork liver (every 100 grams contain pork liver iron […]

Body soda acid just can have energy more evenly

Introduction: Beautiful body, happy mood, abundant vigor is waited a moment, it is the soda acid with our body (PH is worth) having affinity evenly. Whether does ability know the PH value of own body is balanced? The simplest method is to enterAll rightSoda acid checks, it can offer accurate solution for you. .hzh {display: […]

The 6 big diseases that cause by smoking endanger a female

Smoking is harmful and healthy, be opposite especially for the female, the harm of cigarette is greater. Female smoking poses problem of premature senility, menstruation more easily, can affect conception even, disaster andHindActing. .hzh {display: none; } 1. Contract cancer easily Smoking woman suffers fromBreast cancerdanger comparing does not smoke the woman is tall 40% […]

The rule of 8 health army that female reducing weight must observe

1DrinkFeed delicate, eat vegetables and fruits more .hzh {display: none; } I hold to the structure of 2 minutes of 2 minutes of element, meat or fish, meals for a long time 6 minutes, but do not subdue oneself to starve, eating amount is full just won’t let oneself have opportunity snack. Somebody obviously satiate, […]